Today I’m writing this post because I feel stuck in my house.

The past few months I came back home where I live with my parents and since then I keep on arguing with my dad. I love him but sometimes I feel suffocated.

Have you ever felt like you are stuck at home with your parents and you’d like to get out and find your own place out there but the solution still seems too far or hard?

I know patient is the key, the Universe will come my way and help me to realize this dream.

I think that we need to pass through difficult times and overcome them to appreciate more what we have and what we are capable of and when we are strong enough at the first occasion to take off.

What we could ask ourselves is:

  1. Am I feeling good with myself right now or I just want to run away from the reality and difficulties I’m finding here?
    Because if I don’t solve them they will not disappear after a while abroad (that’s why it’s important to ask for help through coaching, psychology or other medical supports)
  2. Have I finished the main cycles I’ve opened here? If I didn’t those may be calling us back after we leave.
  3. Did I save some money to invest in the beginning period abroad?

What we should not ask ourselves is:

  1. What the others will think of me if I leave them, will I be left alone?
  2. Am I too old/young for this?
  3. Am I good/capable enough to do it?

From my experience there will never be a time when we’ll be perfectly ready to leave the nest and go to live and work away, eventually we’ll have to jump.

Nonetheless it has also happened to me that I went to work abroad when I was not ready to, especially I wasn’t feeling good and confident with myself and that has caused me more insecurities to grow.

Sometimes is good to take a step back to where you start and take some time to solve your old problems and relationships, to grow stronger and getting ready to fly again.

I hope you might find this useful.